Savvy SME's are using WhatsApp Marketing to get leads, increase revenue without additional manpower cost!

And we'll reveal to you how hundreds of them made use of this... (No, you don't need to have MNC's budget!)

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Even if you feel that we might not be a good fit, you still get to walk away with a free quote, customised recommendations, clear all your doubts regarding government grant and see how our system can work for your company (demo) at no obligation.

    Given that WhatsApp is used by 80% of Singaporeans, you're probably aware that most of your customers prefer to use it to inquire about your products or services.

    While customers can quickly contact you due to the variety of communication channels available, there are challenges as well.

    Here are some of the challenges that businesses face:

    • Fail to respond to customer inquiries on time, potentially costing them sales
    • Time-consuming to respond to each customer individually and miss out on key messages
    • Unable to track customer queries and past engagement effectively due to channels involved (WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook messenger)

    It shouldn’t be like this.

    With the help of Quick Desk WhatsApp Marketing and Automation, we can integrate your entire business communication from WhatsApp to SMS to Facebook messenger, into one centralized database.

    Your process can also be automated to improve your customer relationship and retention, generating more profits without adding unnecessary manpower.

    Here’s the best part, with Enterprise Development Grant (EDG). You can receive up to 80% government funding support in Singapore.

    And if you're qualified for Skills Future Enterprise Credit (SFEC), you may further qualify for an additional 18% funding support, covering up to 90% out-of-pocket on qualifying cost! 

    We will also guide you through the application process to make it hassle free for you.

    With FREE mapping of your digital sales process

    900 businesses automated their sales and marketing with us


    Introducing Quickdesk Whatsapp automation

    Whatsapp automation

    When it comes to replying or following up, you already know how time-consuming it is to respond to each customer. Let’s not forget the questions they ask are more or less similar.

    What if, instead of responding to them one by one, we had automated responses that addressed their common questions and needs?

    Quick Desk helps you to automate your WhatsApp conversations so that all customers who message you are attended to. Customer retention improves because they can get all of their questions answered without waiting for a long time to get a response.

    Think you can only automate commonly asked questions in WhatsApp? Think again.

    Depending on the nature of your business, you can also use automation for order taking and even event registration!

    And yes, you don’t have to know any coding, automation or set up process because Quick Desk team will implement the changes for you!


    Not only is it time consuming, but the chances of human error are high when it comes to tracking and following up with customers through multiple communication channels. It's not uncommon for business to lose sales and opportunities due to messy tracking and not replying to the customer on time.

    QuickDesk allows you to integrate your entire customer conversation into a single centralised database. You can now keep track of previous engagement and follow up with customers more quickly without switching apps or missing on important messages!

    Personalised for your business

    QuickDesk is based in Singapore and Malaysia. After helping over 900 businesses streamline their process through sales and marketing automation, we notice the importance of personalised automation because there's no one size fits all approach.

    F&B business that uses WhatsApp for orders manually can benefit from WhatsApp automation. Companies with huge deal size will benefit more from email and lead nurturing automation due to the length of their sales cycle.

    This is why we will always do one round of fact-finding and deep diving to understand more about your sales process and workflow before giving any personalised solution. You can expect to gain more clarity about the types of automation that will benefit you.


    As a vendor, we can assist customers in getting EDG grant through reviewing their current processes and recommended automation workflow that could drive your business productivity

    If you would like to explore your options, there is no better time to start now with the amount of support available. Take advantage of the government grant and automate your sales and marketing process, and receive up to 80% off your investment back.

    With FREE mapping of your digital sales process

    Hear more from our clients

    Sales increased by at least 50%, time spent doing backend and administrative work reduced by at least 80%"

    Who is this for?

    • Property, Education, Retail, Food Retail, Events, Business Services, Consulting or any company with internal marketing or sales team.
    • Minimum team size from 3 – 40 in order to benefit most from Quick Desk WhatsApp Automation

    Fit these requirements? We strongly encourage you to sign up for our demo and consultation to see how you can operate your business easier.


    How much is QuickDesk WhatsApp Marketing?

    It depends on the type of automation that your businesses will need.

    We would encourage you to fill-up the form and let us understand more about your business processes before giving a accurate quote. We will also share with you our rates and check for grant eligibility.

    What if some of my employees are not tech-savvy?

    QuickDesk Automation is easy to use and comes with good user interface. On top of that, we have a designated account manager to help you with anything you need.

    Are the data from my WhatsApp safe?

    Yes, all your business communications and data stored are secured on our cloud with end-to-end encryption.

    About QuickDesk

    At QuickDesk, we seek to empower businesses to drive more sales through technology and education.

    Started in 2014, with a simple mission of helping salespeople achieve more sales with less, we developed customer relationship management (CRM) software.

    However, we recognised that businesses were having difficulty simplifying their sales process. so we began assisting businesses with automation and integration as well.

    Our vision to empower and impact businesses globally stays true every single step of our way till today. We care about your success and it's our mission in this journey together with you.

    Give your Business A competitive edge

    As you can see how QuickDesk WhatsApp Automation and Marketing can help automate the most time-consuming tasks, making your business more effective in selling.

    If you’re not fully convinced how QuickDesk can help, that’s ok. We would strongly encourage you to sign up for the free consultation and see how WhatsApp Automation can help your business specifically.

    Let’s not forget that you can take advantage of Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) and receive 80% of funding support in Singapore!

    On top of that, you can also use your SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC), which is an additional 18% funding support.

    Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for the consultation:

    Designated account manager to help you with anything related with QuickDesk

    Create a workflow specifically for your business so that you can understand your business process better

    Get more information on how WhatsApp API Automation can help your business

    Find out if you're eligible for the government grants

    If you’re a business who is seeking growth, increase in revenue–simply sign up for our QuickDesk 14day’strial and demo where you can:

      With FREE mapping of your digital sales process

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